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Creation Care

Project: Creation Care Week

Every year at PLNU, senior Graphic Design students are in charge of creating art that will be showcased around campus during Creation Care Week.

Topic of Choice: Reef Safe Products and Ocean Sustainability

This topic is extremely important to me and inspired me to create a marketing campaign using my love for photography, design, and marketing to educate about the importance of reef safe products.


I had a ton of fun photographing the images that would be used in this campaign as well as photographing the process from start to finish. The main part of my project was a video I made showcasing the beauty of the ocean and the joy we find in it.


My design brain came into play when having to decide where I would showcase my art as well as how I could create a takeaway for each viewer that would be both educational and beautiful. This is where I made 2 different handouts that included some important statistics as well as the information for an instagram contest I hosted throughout the week encouraging people to document their sustainable choices. I also decided to use 100% recycled materials in my table that I built. I used an old beat up surfboard (donated by a sweet couple who live down the street from me) with some scrap wood found in the art department. I’m definitely not someone who grew up using power tools so this was a challenge for me, but I am so happy with how it all turned out!


When thinking about what would make this project appealing to the student body, staff, and anyone else that came through campus I thought this project would be a great opportunity to partner with brands who are creating both reef safe and sustainable products. This resulted in showing viewers that choosing more eco friendly products are as simple as swapping out the brand of surf wax you buy, or the type of sunscreen you wear every day at the beach. There is often no price difference in these products which makes it a no brainer to choose sustainable. Sticky Bumps donated a case of surf wax that I was able to give out for free and got an amazing response from students, many of whom surf every day. For the instagram contest, I was able to give away Tropical Seas Travel sunscreen packs. I’m so thankful to the companies who were so generous sending product for this project! Thank you all!

Let’s Get Salty, Sustainably.

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paige davenport